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Archive for May, 2009

maracas and bass

i’m sure i’ve posted this before,
but it just feels right today.

zones and fields.

bear scare

In b flat…another video mashup-y thing.

take you back a bit:
Guv’ner – Knight Moves EP


Reader comments and 1 star reviews on Amazon.

tiger rock

Day in the life.


gal’s panic

if you haven’t seen this,
thru you video mixes.
watch them all.

Burger Chef Fun Meals.
Check the flexi-discs!!!


Nancy Adams – Ypsilanti

hot dog dog


this is sand

Revisit Bale going off!!!
Get fired up for today.


Chimp separated from tigers.

Detroit Wildlife from florent tillon on Vimeo.

this seems to be a post of videos…open your crystal peepers

No words…thee worst! or, best depending on your tastes. ha!

Great and Telling Tales by Timothy Dickinson

Detroit Ruins pics

The Empire that was Russia

After that nastiness at the beginning of this post, maybe Grand Funk will help…

Naw, maybe hyperactive child will help!

f it, maybe this ain’t no picnic will help!!!

perk chicken

bear with soldiers

Old Comic Playbills

geo eye

old but good

sales vs. webguy