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Archive for January, 2009


Aurora time lapse.

If you haven’t seen/heard it, Running With the Devil soundboard.

The Unloader.

Hadda tawt uh dat!

walk it out

Josh Keyes

Anything You Can Think OF!

Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters.

Another batch of 70s Swedish dance bands

season of the witch

Booze Movies.

30 Ways to Shock Yourself.

Carpenters Space Encounters

for what it’s worth…

time to cash in chips at the cool separator.

Things I listened to a bunch.

Many links in here. No order of course.


Guy BlackmanAdult Baby

Times New VikingRip It Off

Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes



The New YearThe New Year

Neil HalsteadOh! Mighty Engine

GrouperDragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

It’s a Musical!The Music Makes Me Sick

School of Seven Bells Alpinisms

The NotwistThe Devil, You + Me

Max Richter24 Postcards in Full Color


MadlibWLIB AM: King of The Wigflip

Mass Solo RevoltEasy Mark

Other records that got some DS time:
Pas/CalI Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura
Girl TalkFeed the Animals
Fucked UpThe Chemistry of Common Life
YMCK Family Genesis
Lords Fuck Y’all Motherfuckers
Johann JohannssonFordlandia
She & HimVolume One


NO KIDS – BLUSTER IN THE AIR (that should really be the only one. wowzers!)

Alphabeat – Fascination


BibioVignetting the Compost

(I think this will hold up not for just 2009, but for years to come. At least 5 years…like the Welcome record, Sirs. That’s on my list every year. O, yeah. And, Double Nickels on the Dime.
Wait a minute! Yeah, you heard me!)