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Archive for September, 2008

get hyped! for what…i dunno. we need something. hey, you. get hype

Head of Skate trailer

True stories told in one sentence.

Solar Sound



AND, I’ve probably posted this like a million times, but it’s always fun to revisit:


This one does get me hyped up, too! Thanks dan!


no ice

Anonymous notes to ex-lovers

Clown trumpet ban

Animal sounds said different ways in different countries. Buzzspeak

The renewed mind is the key.

Speech accent archive


Gallery of Suspicious Vans

American ethnic geography

Palin Baby Name Generator

landed in the fall

Gas Map. Zoom in. Find the best price for your area.

VA reinvented his site.

Bear visits Galveston

tiny adventures

The Lazarus Project

Unicorn Museum

Revisit: Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

Thanks delicate.

wish it was water

For those who tried to rock.

Read at work.

We wouldn’t do that, would we?

Below old but good.

Violent Ramp 7″ if you need it.

Get through the day.

commit to the turn

The Archive

Floating Prisons
daft punk?

artwork and ufos

one step forward, two steps back

Pig in boots.

Original Cuppycake vid.   GET HYPE!!!
Digital Britain from above.