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Archive for December, 2007

oooo, let the parté begin…or, something like that.


This is awesome and addictive if you enjoy geography.

Radiohead covering “Ceremony.”
Get those damn whiskers of da microphone, stinky whistle-tooth!
Here’s just the audio if you need that.

“Another” “Quotation” “Marks” “Misuse” “Site”

John Bellairs biographical map.


Haven’t seen these mall santas before…except for the last one.
Pretty good ones in here.
Alot going on here.

office space?

spritely powerball

2008 movie posters.

Sound familiar?
I know your work party is coming up.

Beard tax?
More beards.
Big ups skymil.
I hate the term chin curtain.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Jens Hannemann promo.
Marco Minnemann
must be one of the guys Armisen based him on.
2:30 comes the hot solo.

Well, just in time for the holidays…
The Grobanites hate you!
Damn your opinion.
Long live The Groban!
Grobanites take it to the mat.
PBRs are $4!
Damn, dooooooood.
Welcome to NYC, I guess.
Thanks George.

Animal mascot costumes.