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whole paycheck


adam’s atom

Never too early. Wishbooks!

113 historic maps of Africa

Airto gettin’ at it as usual.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots revealed today.

Beijing 2008

National Roadless Map
O Michigan!


Notable families in the NHL.
Sedins are creepo.

LOTR origami…YES!

Greenland thaws.

Garrett Jensen‘s been snapping up some great photos.
Another great set.

Bobby Neel Adams.
Check the AgeMaps and Close to the Ground.

brum brum brummmmmmm

Mass Solo Revolt is the new moniker that Martin Brummeler is now rockin’.
Jeebus! Stick with a name…NAW!
I always have that same problem myself.

Here is Mass Solo Revolt tearing faces off at the Elbow Room from last weekend.

They have 2 records out now.
Well, one was Martin’s solo record, Easy Mark,
and one was under the name Mass Solo Revolt, The Sap,
but they are all Brummeler tunes.
Both were released on Community Billygoat Records.

Now, there is a solid lineup with Jim Frye on bass and Tim Terilli on drums.

Bonus Clip: 55fer live in 1995 I believe.

all souls’

Susan Sielicki is crafting some amazing dolls and felt paintings.
She also makes incredible bags and collages.
If you are interested in buying something, get ahold of me and I will put you in contact with her.

Sounds of Saturn.

Photo set of São Paulo where ads are banned.

Secret Menus? shhhh