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Archive for October, 2007

freaky deaky punkins(pumpfkins)

yeah, it’s been a youtubage kind of week.
this one’s for all you gucci bags carriers out there….



Edenwood teaser trailer is up.

stinkin’ APES!


sour and tart


Candy Hierarchy


that time o’ year again


Rankin Bass aren’t just about Christmas…Thank YOU!




Jens Hannemann Complicated Drumming Technique DVD available at Drag City.
Armisen coming strong with this.

Carve your own pumpkin without having to buy one.

How to fight monkeys.

double decker muss

Greek God Family Tree!

Take it and Fly!!!

Anderson movie fashion.

Chuck is whacked out and Walker just wants to get away!

Photos of vintage computers.

Monkey Prize Wine.

Can’t stop watching these amazing shreaders.
That tone is off the hook!

tonight i celebrate my love for you…..

get you some.
Peabo really doesn’t mess around.

First there was people looking like their pets,
now People looking like their breakfast.

Similar, or not really,
gamers next to their avatars. 


AMG has a blog now.
Crush bands posts have been my favorite feature so far,
considering that it has been a thread at work for years now.

“i’ve seen it on the movies on tv”

Get your fix of the Beatles: Complete Beatles in an hour or so…

Kells is off his rocker…for REAL…Talk…
or, something.

Check out the amazing films and commercials Stella Artois has going on over at their site.
CRAZA!!! Stick with it. Really fun.

Graphic for acreage of worlds largest retailers.

i think i switch the give and show all the time

Yeah, it was yesterday…but

Vintage color photos of US cities.
No Detroit though.

Top 10 incredible recordings?

Funny signs from around the world…
They never get old, right? i mean, right? i mean RIGHT?

What the world eats.