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Archive for September, 2007

right? i mean…RIGHT?!


So, I guess you can download Hotel Chevalier today at itunes.
Couldn’t get it yesterday,
so I don’t know…
I just work here.

the gamut….or, music, youtube, monkeys and clowns

Backstory BABY!


It’s all youtube in the end, isn’t it though?

HObbit HoUse

Here’s a script you can use to counter telemarketers.

Photos of Russians living in villages.

You need to get on the new Magik Markers record, Boss.

Here’s Bad Dream/Hartford’s Beat Suite for sampling.


I guess that Hotel Chevalier will not be playing before the Darjeeling Limited,
but you can get it free at itunes on 10/3.

bluesday, pt. tuesday

Please find out what the casual flies are doing.

More animal paintings based on science.

Oldie, but greatie.


everyone’s looking at you, crosby!

ba da da da da DADA

Old news but while we’re still on it,
my man, Boyd Devereaux
who was always into good music,
decides now is the time to start a limited run noise label.
Good on ya.

Enough with the hockey already!

Sesame Street international style.
Check out the characters rockin’ in, say, Jordan!
The character bios are great…
Weird that they have ages?

Sedaris on his food history.


always tubin’

Behind the scenes of The Darjeeling Limited.
…and, more.


Manfred Schoof Quintet 1977.

Winners of Facial Hair Championships.


Os Mutantes Shell commercials??!!

you know what’s in the air tonight…


Tigers Stadium Auction!


Trip tunes…One track suggestion for every state.

120 calories looks like…


Top 100 library sites.

826 people listen to the same mp3 at the same time in lower Manhattan.

it’s not that i don’t love you…

1910 French prints depict the future.

Regrets…I have a few.


No matter how you feel about Sigur Rós,
you need to get with this trailer.

Audio bloopers that made the album.

right wreck you!

Thanks Matt.