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Archive for August, 2007

come on, you deserve it…enjoy life!


say you, say me

Please hurry and book your FantaSuite now!
Thanks to Joslyn for that amazing adventure.

Eddie Jefferson explaining where Bennie came from…Bennies from Heaven!


Facts about Earth.

List of artificial objects on the MOon.


can’t ever get over it…

feelin’ it!

Check out this EPIC Battle at Kruger!!!
Thanks Kate.

lucy and tiger

Thank you VA.

All you can eat map in Paris.

Songs whose titles are the only lyrics.
Make sense?

Vertical Gardens.

Get you some recent live Sea & Cake.

futbol, you bet!

Storm not so Large

You better believe it!

Tons of ad slogans.

Pretty interesting…Candidate facetime on TV.

Not too familiar with Bubba Sparxxx,
but this is the Showbiz group doing Ms. New Booty.
Enjoy! High class entertainment here I know.

Viking treasure found!

Thanks to Trumpetwool for that one.
Finally, to y’allz who haven’t seen it yet…
Darjeeling Limited trailer.
Watch it. You deserve it.

10 minute major…BREAK IT UP! BACK IN THE BOX!

Yeah, yeah.
Long delay.

Pretty great medical images.

Have y’allz seen dis Ottoman humping vid, yet?
Jeebus christo, what is the world coming to?
So spaketh the daveo.

Time lapse brew fermenting.
This is where I’m at…
“Tubesteakin'” as was deemed at the amgeeezy.