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Archive for May, 2007

my dog is just chillin’

no, really…my dog is just chillin’.


Rules for calling shotgun.

Kinski’s not having it!

Some folks didn’t use the force!

Hold on to your hats, Mickey Mouse…The Ottawa Senators are coming……………………………cue Imperial Death March.

Evolution Revolution

Forgot about this!!!


Thanks for joggin’ the memory, VA!

triple crown?

nug or nug?

Hey, let’s get this guy a drummer.
If you live near Atlanta,
are willing to take direction,
like to have a good time and play the drums,
get ahold of Martin Brummeler.
Good music and good times await.
His record, Easy Mark, is finally going to be released soon and deserves some attention.
Once you hear “The Site” or “Hostage Taker” you will be sold.
He is getting ready to tour and needs to round out the group with a new drummer.
Dr. Frye
is also on board with good looks and bass skills.
I would be too if I lived down there.
Get on it!

Da Vinci’s Guide to Healthy Living.

Earth Guide.

Passo Agresso Notes from roommates and the like.

Not that I really know anything about sports,
but the nice cats with the great sports blag at The Silver Bullet have been letting me rant about things I don’t really know about like hockey and basketball.
Check the fine work they’ve been laying down!

O, yeah…GO WINGS! and, GO PISTONS! right?imeanright?imeanright?imeanright?

one of these days


Yeah, right!

and, finally…
Machine translation or Faulkner? 


If you haven’t been on the Touch & Go site in awhile,
they revamped it all…
with the revampage they have been posting live footage from the 25th Anniversary Fest that was in September of 2006.
I bring this up because they have The New Year footage now posted.
If you haven’t seen Bedhead and/or The New Year, maybe check it out.
There is also interview footage with the Kadane bro bros spliced in there.
5 guitars and drums with occasional keyboards…how can you go wrong?

While your there, check out the archive of the other bands.

The festival in person had a weird vibe as a whole,
but you can’t go wrong checking out all the great bands online.

I could go into detail, but I won’t.
If you want my take, ask me if you ever see me and want to know.


Very nice looking Little Ones video for “Lovers Who Uncover.”
Seems Gondry’s “Science of Sleep” inspired.

Longest tracking shots in cinema.

Encyclopedia of life.

Along the same lines,
but dealing with strictly humans:
Atlas of the Human Journey.

animal friends

Crazy Russian cakes!

Stevie Wonder at the skins!
so good.

Some pretty great aerial photographs.

10 things you didn’t know about death.

And, what’s a Friday without a Rose Marie tribute with the singing of Baby Rose Marie!!!

sax in da city

VA laying it down at the Underground in Chicago, BOYEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!11
More to come soon from the Lincoln Lodge.

Speaking of things funny,
10 best SNL digital shorts.
Maybe Young Chuck Norris should be on there, too.
So much better than the live sketches. Yikes.

Eating at The French Laundry in detail and some trivia…..if you can afford it and handle it!!!!!!!!!1
Sorry. I don’t know what’s going on with me today.

Body Magic.