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Archive for April, 2007

cup crazy!

Weng Weng Rap.

Stephen Hawking weightless!

Stephen H. Graham explains how to be a pirate.

Let’s get our shoegaze on…


i’m feelin’ you T!

Recouping. Word.

American Truth Vs. Myth

Uh, 14 guys in one porta potty?
Porta, or PortO?

Laughing Hyenas tour diary from ’88!

Latin phrases used in English.

The Sultan Vs. The Jimmer

and, no…not the Japanese monster movie.

Looking down through the glass floor!

So, I guess the Pope got rid of LIMBO!
How does that go down?
“Meh, I was never that into it.
Big babies. I wish them luck.”

“Take a Letter Maria.”


So take a letter Maria, address it to my wife
Say I won’t be coming home, gonna start a new life
So take a letter Maria, address it to my wife
Send a copy to my lawyer, gotta start a new life

Walking Summer!!!!


Harry Whittier Frees photographs of animals dressed up and posed like humans.

Iggy Pop is 60 in a couple of days. craza.

Land of Talk, YES! Canadians do it again.

“wave your hand in the air, if you like that fish and don’t care.”

forgot about these commercials!


i think you got your fools mixed up…

the landlord

Check out this Ferrell clip called, The Landlord.

I guess it’s on this new site, Funny or Die, that he and Adam McKay set up.

just like the patch says


Pound Sounds!
Heavy stuff, I know.
Man, it just doesn’t stop.

Top 10 places to get free books.

50 great free online libraries.

Yes, I’ve finally learned how to read.

Spy-cam watches.

Zombie Vs. Shark!
Thanks Dale!

HA! The Tree!
Tumblefound this awesome video!

love will tear up the court again…



Unknown Pleasures Kicks!

What on God’s green earth?!