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Archive for February, 2007

speaking of tennis,

Malkmus gives us a little insight on his game.

Wow! 300 foot sinkhole in the middle of a city.

This American Life TV teaser.  On, Showtime?!

Thurston talks about Ecstatic Peace nowadays.

Guiliani blows it on the air. Bet he wishes he could take that one back!
Gerald McBoing-Boing

Really great photos from the sky.

HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats and Rhymes 

If you’re in New York, which most people seem to be…people I know anyways,
check out comedy at the Beauty Bar on Sunday nights hosted by this guy and this guy…funny individuals. Do IT!

Don’t know if anyone gets into hockey like I do, but danga. We’re getting closer to the playoffs!
Brawl the other night with Ottawa and Buffalo.
Emery is laughing and smiling the whole time.
And, he just got off a 3 game suspension!
Coaches get into it, too! Nuts.

your serve.

jammin’ with pres on pres day


one foot high and rising.

Haim is into funky hip pop jam thing.
Yipes. Reminds me of Adman. Thanks George.

Ian to Ian.

Wow! Silver Jews doc!

Have to have some romance today they say. Chuck Jones style!

hot/cold. not into it.

Some vids today:

Jarmusch always  brings the goods. Haven’t checked this in awhile. Still good.
“Are you a bug, Bill Murray?”

Seems like the future of SNL, as far as humor goes, lies in the video shorts:

Body Fusion.

Fun to revisit, the Wilhelm Scream.

Don Cherry’s biggest pests. 

Big Ass Boats.
Here are the World Press Photo Awards. amazing.

Finally, send a Valentine Day slow jam to your Valentine via DQ.



Thanks to the Sultan for that one!

is it spring yet?

Bourdain sits in to tear it up on Ruhlman’s blog. Topic: Food Network hosts.

Skymall Liberation.
Have fun while you’re in the air. Thanks Butcher!

Nice Touch & Go 25th Anniversary video. 

CHANKING – Spat-out food, such as rinds or pits.

Love Letters video. Still funny.


Kung Fu JAM! Cannonball? Jose? What are you doing? Keep it up please!


Check out this awesome video of Growing Up American by The Colors, long lost ’70s New York new wave/punk band.

Newer Dungen vid.

Old news, but good news. Dolphin saved!

Holy crap! Gervais talks with Larry David and Christopher Guest. Gettin’ down to comedic business.

Bands that use the FARF. Weird list, but a list nonetheless…and, you know how we all like lists.

Dang, here’s my old guy. Take good care of him, Marté.

Thank you Fast Eddie!