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Archive for January, 2007

o, man. not funny really…but, kind of hilarious.


bears to win it?

Classic theme updated.

depot town:

Hubble Heritage Image Gallery.

Right by our place.

Recording drums. Mic placement.

Convert anything to anything else.

more ypsi:

Hate your mole? How to get rid of things.


You want Fear and Loathing?  Here you go!

let’s try and get it together now

Amazing paper cutouts.

Remember Penny from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Finally found a video.

New Explosions in the Sky track from their new record, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.

I completely understand that sentiment.

Finally! myspace pages for ’90s Ypsi/Arbor darlings,

Gondolier and Tiger 100.

Good scene going back then! Those were the daze.

Brandon made a nice short for NYC Midnight Madness Film Festival. Check it.

Seriously, as Ryan has explained to me… Dubai is nuts!

Man, Potter can’t be doing that.

lost touch with my innernerd

well, sort of…………………………………sometime i will post regularly.

horrible news

Alice Coltrane dies at 69.

i like to move it, move it

wow. you might remember this…i miss pear’s. dalat?


Make an average face.

Paradox of choice. Interesting…i can’t seem to move.

Potter teaser.

Trumpetwool comes with this hollywood nugget today. WOW!

Search this site for mozart sheetmusic and whatnot.

History of the button.

I’m knee deep in this:

Foster Brooks, how could you?!

so many shows, so little money. that’s all i have to say…



believe it.

Comments are fixed now.

The commenting system has been repaired. Enjoy!

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