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Vodkasts, brah!

Tom Waits on Letterman, Part 1 and Part 2.

And, if you’re really down…then, get with this again.

Useless factoid: Coca-Cola would be green if colouring weren’t added to it.

There you go. Thanks Sultan! More to come…

New tapered uniforms???!!! Not into it. This is how you do it:

You can’t go ahead without Jackson!

tofurkey vs. turducken or spring vs. winter in november…GO!

Aircraft movie selection.

Is Joanna Newsom for reals? Get to know her a little better. 

Three cities at night. 

Record making with Duke Ellington. 

Lists of fictional things. 

For Your Consideration…get with it!

You can hear Christopher Guest on the Treatment here. 

midwest livin’

Vietnamese questions.
I have learned America is a free country; what is the real freedom in this country?

Hyperactive editing makes for interesting beats and video. 

While we’re at it, get down with this virtual drumkit!

uh, yeah. the jazz MACHINE!

Tonedeaf test. Very fun and interesting.



“it’s probably one of the neatest things…next to shaving.”

Fred Armisen interviews Chan Marshall.

Just in case you forgot how cool cassettes were.

Minigolf is addictive and sa-weet! 

You might wanna check out this clip of really bizarre interaction with Stephin Merritt and a local Fox broadcaster. He plays a Gothic Archies tune for the Lemony Snicket stuff.

Testing YouTube Embed


“yes…that’s right!”

Yeah, you guessed it. Bigfoot and Wildboy!

Great Lakes Myth Society get a nice write up in the Metro Times. With downloads, too!

Brian Wilson has an action figure now. Finally!

UK Office vs. US Office…and, go!

More album covers that look like other, older album covers.

Wicked palindromes for anytime.


Fun maps:

lit maps

ebay maps

flickr maps

Little people art project.

Can you handle the double neck? Or, the hair? Didn’t think so.
Prince in Saginaw, circa ’82.

Enjoy the tunes!

great waves, in china that is…

So I guess there was a slight riot in Shanghai on Dirty Three‘s first date of their tour of Asia. The Government thought they were a pornographic act…the theater is owned by the People’s Liberation Army and moved their show an hour earlier to make way for an acrobatic act…students in the audience weren’t having it…craziness ensued.
Sue’s Last Ride, indeed.

more here. 

and, here with photos.

Hopefully, I will have more info soon.

come on back to the chickenman

o, yeah. and, please be a mind-sticker.

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