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Archive for October, 2006

“give me some can-day!”

I still can’t get enough of the MUMMIES!

Very cool interactive score of Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony.

The Danzig figurine kills me.

Thundercats do not want you to drink alcohol?


And, really, what is a SNARF?!!

Ending is the best part.

don’t be afraid of no clown, clown.

I don’t even know what to say about this, except Good Day, Mr. Kubrick…

Get to know Peter, Bjorn and John a little better and why they hate I’m From Barcelona.

And, a Victoria Bergsman shoutout for her new project,

Taken by Trees.

If you haven’t seen the video for Young Folks, you should.

hot track.

shake it up

angel’s/devil’s night? your pick

Wow! Real Gelatinous Cube chillin’ near Norway!

The Horror of Party Beach!

Scary Mary Poppins.

Composing an illustration in the New Yorker of Okkervil River.

Awesome scary stories that you can download as a pdf or just read right there.
Google books style, of course. They are doing everything over there.
I’m sure you’ve seen them, but retrocrush has a nice display of great costumes.

Great photo set of Ghostly ruins.


Well, as we now know the Tigers didn’t make it.

At least, we won’t have to hear about how bad Detroit is, the team by the announcers and the city by everyone else.

Yeah, I was there in ’84. Yeah, it was the only time I saw a guy pee in a sink while another man washed his hands in it.

Yeah, I’m now a baseball fair-weather fan. Devil’s Night approaches…
We’ll see you in the Series next year.


tigers old school

time to get into the season!

and, if this doesn’t do it for you…well, then i dunna.

unforch(crappiest and best term ever, i know) i can’t embed anything dealing with youtube, so you’ll just have to click the link above.

completely almost back

This is what we are attending to right now.
hell yeah

Almost Back

This blag is almost back in order, check back monday.